What we offer

With SDP, you can create your own app store. It is easier than ever to manage and distribute your applications to intended users in a secure way, while download statistics are available for further analysis.

Intuitive Interface for SDP
Intuitive Interface

With SDP, users have a simple and intuitive interface from which they can access, download and distribute applications on any device, anytime, from anywhere.

Security for SDP

Distributing applications with SDP keeps your applications secure. With features like Password Policy and Two-factor authentication, we can ensure you that your data are in safe hands. We also use an additional security layer that makes sure that applications can only be accessed by the intended users.

Multi-Platform support for SDP
Multi-Platform support

With Software Distribution Platform, you can upload and distribute your applications regardless their Platform. Our system automatically identifies your Platform and recommends a list with applications for your Platform, reducing unnecessary operations like scrolling.


Screenshots of the key SDP features.

Key features

Responsive web design

In European Dynamics, we believe in a mobile-first concept. Therefore, the compatibility with mobile devices is guaranteed. Responsive web design enables web pages to fit the screens of different devices automatically, displaying the content in a way that the users feel comfortable.

Two-factor authentication

Security comes first with SDP. For each log-in to the system, an e-mail is sent with an extra security code, which ensures that only intended users have access to SDP.

Multilingual interface

Currently, we support English, French, Italian and German translations for SDP, however the languages can be easily extended.

Applications for multiple Operating Systems

We support multiple applications for multiple Platforms (Operating Systems). Our system, automatically recognizes the user’s OS and displays the related applications. Therefore, we greatly reduce operations like redundant clicks and scrolling when browsing.

Applications with multiple Versions

Through SDP, you can manage and distribute multiple versions for one application. The Administrators have full control over which application versions will be trackable, accessible and downloadable.

Validation process

Each new uploaded application will undergo a validation process by the Administrators, in order to ensure that all applications are in compliance with your organization’s policies.

User Management

We have implemented a policy-neutral access-control mechanism defined around roles and privileges. In principle, we have four kind of roles: Users, Authors, Coordinators and Administrators.

View statistics

We have developed an accurate and detailed statistics mechanism, which provides statistics regarding the application downloads. You can use special filters in order to drill down your results, or avoid them to roll-up them.